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  • Get to know CLA-OIT: John Fite

    John Fite (2).JPGName: John Fite

    Hometown and first place you lived after leaving home? My hometown is Huntington Beach, California and the first place I lived after leaving home was Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

    When did you start working at the U? August 2012

    Current position? Relationship Manager for CLA-OIT

    What is your favorite aspect of your job? Meeting, working with, and learning from talented individuals across many disciplines. I hope that someday I can benefit them as much as they have me.

    What advice do you have for CLA-OIT constituents who are intimidated by technology? If I could go back in time and tell the twelve-year-old John Fite anything, it would be, "You can find a solution to almost any problem in a book somewhere." Technology is quickly reaching a similar position and will then surpass it in ways that we cannot predict. For most people I know, the time investment required to learn and stay current with technology is more than repaid in the leverage it gives them in solving more and more of life's problems.

    What is your favorite place on campus?
    Washington Avenue Bridge - Being from the West Coast, it is impressive to me that every time I walk across that bridge I'm going from Eastern to Western USA or vice-versa. I do seem to notice a cultural difference when I arrive at the other side, as well!


    Authors: Kurt Vonnegut, Philip K. Dick, Neal Stephenson, Hunter S. Thompson, Alan Watts

    Sources of inspiration: Popular Science Books (esp. Dawkins, Brian Greene, Ray Kurzweil, Feynman, Michio Kaku, Steven Pinker, Robert Pirsig)

    Favorite word: Yes

    Phrase that annoys you: I'll try

    Food and drink: Sashimi, red wine

    TV show and movie: Twin Peaks, The Matrix

    Musicians: Bach, Depeche Mode, Serge Gainsbourg, Morrissey

    Favorite place: Joshua Tree National Park

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  • Folwell Hall Revised Technology Plan

    Following valuable feedback, the previously planned technology upgrade in Folwell Hall was revised to better fit the needs of faculty, staff, and students. Rather than a full upgrade, classrooms in Folwell will undergo a scaled back "refresh" that includes the following:

    • Replacing video projectors with higher lumen machines
    • Replacing DVD players with newer DVD models
    • Removing all DVD/VHS combo players

    Since this is a refresh and not a complete upgrade, no cameras will be added during this cycle. 

    The Office of Classroom Management will oversee the project that begins during winter break and continues throughout the spring semester.

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  • Fusion Tables: The Fabled Slicer-Dicer for (most of) your Data

    Have you found spreadsheet analysis in Excel, Numbers, Open Office or other packages good, but want something more? You should be delighted to hear that Google Fusion Tables is now available for Google Apps at the University of Minnesota. If you've heard about Fusion Tables (or never heard) but wonder what all the hullabaloo is about, and why this could be important, let's get a quick overview.

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The CLA Office of Information Technology (CLA-OIT) seeks ways to leverage technology for the benefit of students as part of our strong commitment to liberal arts education.

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