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Relationship Managers

Our Relationship Managers ensure CLA OIT and University technical services are living up to the needs and expectations of our faculty and staff.

Since the technologies we use each day are too complicated and too critical to rely on a single person to be available 24x7, the role of yesterday's know-it-all and do-it-all guru have been split into multiple roles.

Relationship Managers focus on consulting, planning, and matching needs to the best technology services available and UMN Technology Help provides immediate technology support, fixing what's broken and responding to routine requests. Further, Relationship Managers will be a resource when help is needed by CLA faculty, staff, and students to understand UMN Technology Help services and respond to the services they have received.


CLA faculty, staff, and graduate students

What We Do

  • Consult with you about all your technology needs.
  • Consult with you about purchases including computers, mobile devices, and software.
  • Help you understand ways available to keep your data safe from loss.
  • Consult with you in preparation for travel - recommend a loaner, etc.
  • Coordinate the response to the most complex issues by bringing in resources from around the University, as needed.
  • Manage or assist with technology-related projects in your department.
  • Advocate on your behalf or for your department.
  • Serve as the primary CLA-OIT liaison to your department.
  • Assist new faculty and staff in getting connected to University, college, and department resources.
  • Provide one-on-one training and coordinate additional training options, as necessary.

What We Don't Do

What You Need to Do


CLA-OIT Office Hours
Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Detailed Availability

Our Commitment

Relationship Managers are committed to helping you understand technology, process, and other considerations to meet your goals as faculty, staff, and students at the University of Minnesota


UMN Technology Help
Call: 612-301-4357 (1-HELP)

UMN Technology Help

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Our mission is to support and enhance research, instruction, and administrative efficiency
by identifying and providing effective and cost-conscious technology solutions for CLA.